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Shocking Scam Exposed: Tourists Charged Extra for a Simple Sandwich Slice at Popular Italian Cafe!

club sandwich with side french fries

A recent incident at Bar Pace in Gera Lario, a popular vacation destination near Italy’s Lake Como, has attracted attention after an unidentified diner discovered an unexpected €2 (equivalent to Rs 182) charge labeled as a “diviso da meta” or “cutting in half” fee on his receipt. The patron, who shared a snapshot of the receipt on Tripadvisor, expressed bewilderment, questioning the rationale behind being charged for having his toasted sandwich sliced.

As indicated on the receipt, the contentious fee for sandwich-cutting elevated the total sandwich cost from €7.50 to €9.50, surpassing the price of a cup of espresso. The proprietor of the cafe, Cristina Biacchi, came forward to explain the charge, providing insight into the reasoning. According to Biacchi, fulfilling additional requests involves inherent expenses. She pointed out that utilizing two plates instead of one, along with the additional time and resources needed for washing, formed the basis for the fee. Additionally, she highlighted that the sandwich was served with French fries, which added a layer of complexity and time to the preparation.

Biacchi clarified that had the diner raised concerns at the time of dining, the charge would have been promptly removed from the bill. While this occurrence is not unprecedented in Italy, as tourists have previously expressed dissatisfaction with meal prices, it exemplifies an ongoing issue regarding unexpected charges faced by tourists exploring the culinary landscape of the country.

Evidently, the matter of unanticipated charges related to dining experiences continues to be a topic of concern among tourists visiting Italy.

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