Unbelievable! ‘Jailer’ Shatters Box Office Records, Raking in a Mind-Blowing $4.70 Million – The World Is Buzzing!

The international sensation ‘Jailer’ has taken the global stage by storm, amassing an impressive $4.70 million by Thursday. The film’s journey includes a substantial preview collection of $1.10 million from Wednesday in North America, followed by an astounding $3.60 million on Thursday. Combined with its strong opening day earnings of Rs. 48 crores in India, the cumulative worldwide box office figures for this Rajinikanth starrer now stand at an impressive approximate of Rs. 87 crores.

Remarkably, ‘Jailer’ has captivated audiences across various markets, shining in North America where it garnered $1.85 million. The film’s momentum continues, with the 4-day cinematic spectacle, inclusive of previews, projected to surge beyond an exceptional $4.50 million milestone.

In a commendable second place, the Middle East showcased an impressive start with $1.15 million on its debut day. This momentum is expected to carry through the weekend, potentially culminating in an impressive collection of over $3.50 million.

Emerging as fervent Tamil hubs in South East Asia, Malaysia and Singapore have made a substantial impact, contributing approximately RM 2.30 million and SGD 340K, respectively. The United Kingdom and Australia secured the third and fifth highest-grossing openings ever for Kollywood, with GBP 225K and AUD 270K, respectively.

The thrilling four-day extended weekend overseas journey is poised to conclude with a remarkable collection of over $13 million. On an optimistic note, this sum could surpass $14 million, marking a historic milestone for Kollywood. ‘Jailer’ appears to be on a promising trajectory to achieve, and potentially exceed, this impressive milestone.

The international box office earnings for ‘Jailer’ are distributed across various territories as follows:

  • North America: $1,850,000
  • Middle East: $1,150,000
  • Australia/New Zealand: $200,000
  • Malaysia: $510,000
  • Singapore: $260,000
  • Rest of Asia: $125,000
  • United Kingdom: $285,000
  • Europe: $250,000
  • Rest of the World: $50,000

Overall Total: $4,680,000 / Rs. 39 crores